Artist Collection

Manawa Tapu

Meet Tristan (Manawa Tapu), a descendant of the native Te Rārawa people hailing from the Far North region of New Zealand. He is a talented tattoo artist by trade, implementing his knowledge in both traditional Māori art and woodcarving into his craft.

Travel Tested

Crafted with inspiration from the cold shores of Aotearoa, experience our field-tested pieces with Māori spirit woven into the fabrics. We experienced firsthand the vastness of the land and the beauty of the shores.

Stitching in Tradition

Tā Moko (traditional Māori tattooing) influence is sewn throughout our designs, with direction from Manawa Tapu himself. Our favorite silhouettes are blanketed in the artwork with the intention of paying homage to the land of the Long White Cloud.

Give Back

Roark is proud to present a collection designed alongside Manawa Tapu, stitching his artwork throughout each piece.

Proceeds from every sale will be donated to KidsCan, an NZ-based charity that helps give kids affected by poverty the essentials for
a brighter future.