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Welcome to Roark.

Essential and sustainable gear for wherever in the world you find yourself.

Roark’s travels take us to different points on the map – chasing a bold spirit of adventurism that inspires our collection of products and story. We embrace a life filled with exploration, challenge, and self-discovery on the road.

The product and stories we create empower people to discover self through authentic, irreverent, dangerous and purposeful adventure on the road less traveled.

Vol. 25: "Far Out East"

Welcome to Roark's Fall-Winter 2023 Collection. This season we kick off our latest adventure, one that brought our team to freezing temps atop steaming volcanoes, offshore barrels along barren coasts, and paved paths bursting with culture, design and hospitality. The Far Out East is what we're calling it, but most know this place as Hokkaido, Japan's Northern Prefecture.

This season tested our crew and our gear, and we're proud to present you the fruits of our labour. Adventure Ready Goods is a claim we don't take lightly, and neither should you.


Run Amok

We still feel that there is no better way to see the world around you than by moving through it on your own two feet. Forever encouraging freedom of expression through movement, Roark's perpetual journey provides a unique perspective on trail running and activewear born from adventure - somewhere between freedom and chaos.


Women's Collection

The Women Voice in adventurism will no longer be ignored. The Roark woman is the ultimate juxtaposition. Just as much a lover of the mountains as she is of the waves. Timeless and modern. Tough and feminine. She is unapologetic and never found riding shotgun to anyone.


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