With Pendleton

Pendleton x Roark

Come Wander

We've teamed up with one of America's most iconic and premium wool manufacturers, Pendleton, to reinvent some of our favorite pieces in a limited collaboration. With a shared passion for quality wool and American heritage, the new 'Wandering With Pendleton' collection takes a modern approach to their iconic and inspired patterns.

The Axeman x Pendleton

The final product is a testament to the passion shared between America's farmers, Pendleton and Roark, inspired by the legends of the Continental Divide and the durable insulating qualities wool provided us while traversing its path.

The Andes x Pendleton

Family owned and operated for over six generations, Pendleton Woolen Mills constantly scours the country in search of the most premium wool grown in America.

The Nordsman x Pendleton

Now in 100% American virgin Wool, the Nordsman X Pendleton blends Pendleton’s legendary passion for the American West with Roark’s drive for adventure and escape.