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Article: From Here to Sunday

From Here to Sunday

From Here to Sunday

"My goal in 2023 was to go places I’d never been to before, surf new waves, push myself more. This edit, “From Here To Sunday,” is a direct reflection of that. " Nate Zoller

Starting the year off in Tahiti with the Roark team, sailing a catamaran up into the Tuamotu region, we lucked out on swell. It is not easy to get waves in this region, and on our weeklong excursion we were able to surf a swell that had hit Hawaii five days prior. The translucent waters of the Tuamotu region combined with the limited crowd, outside of our small crew, made this trip unforgettable. I would return to Tahiti later in the year to surf Teahupo’o and continue to grow my relationship with the locals. I can’t believe I had never been to Tahiti prior to 2023, I will be back more and more as time moves forward. 

The other main location in this edit is Puerto Rico. Like Tahiti, PR features turquoise waters and shallow reef breaks. Multiple swells allowed me to learn a couple of the trickier slabs and after bouncing off the reef a few times I had a couple makes to show for myself. I hope that this edit gets you stoked to send it over the ledge on your next surf trip. Because even if you don’t make the drop you will have a story to tell, and isn’t that what this surf life is all about?