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Always Be Prepared

The Adventurer

When he's not convincing you that living out of a van is a viable carrer, he's off the grid in search of his next Great Escape. make sure he's at least warm for the long winter ahead, he'll thank you next time he passes through with a bag of dirty laundry.

Addicted to Design

The Gear Junkie

He's the dude you always ask for recommandations. The hardest guy to shop for, but the most stoked if you get him something that fills a void in his kit.

The Chiller

Work from home? More like work from couch. There is absolutely nothing wrong with maintaining a high level of comfort in your life.

The Yin To Chill's Yang

The Anti-Chiller

Always on the go, may or may not live in running shoes, and has definitely been overheard claiming quads are the new biceps. Feed his fitness frenzy with some Run Amok gear that's sure to put him on the right path.

e-Gift Card

Too many good options? Not the decisive type? Late for Christmas? There's a card for that!